CTC District Associations against Sustrans policy


CTC District Associations against Sustrans policy

Postby gar » 11 Sep 2005, 9:24am

The other thread on "A" roads and their safety
higlights for me the yawning gao between stated
Sustrans policy and the practice ecercised by DA of using main roads for road races and even ones called "Dirt".

25 years ago I used the main roads to race on
against the clock for my own pleasure, but after several close calls decided that wherever possible I would use the back roads.
I have done so ever since, always creating short cuts along bridleways to make huge savings in time and distance, and for best safety at all times.

I assumed that everybody else had done the same and that wise public campaigns like Sustrans "Safe routes" had led people to understand that this was the only way for cyclists to use the road safely today.

According to their life President the Wessex DA uses a piece of road with heavy traffic to start their Dorset dirt 200km and 300km. If it were marshalled by the police under fairly intense conditions this would be ok.

Otherwise I deplore the use of main "A" roads for any kind of racing at the same time as other heavy fast moving traffic by the CTC DAs.

IT is merely undoing all the good work of the County Councils working in conjunction with Sustrans as their agent, to encourage cyclists to DISENGAGE with motorists entirely