Kissing Gates

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Re: Kissing Gates

Postby pete75 » 11 Nov 2018, 10:20pm

landsurfer wrote:
pete75 wrote:
landsurfer wrote:
Thats nice !!! Can I have one !!! ... please .. 8)

I've got one but you're not having it - it's mine - all mine........ :wink:

:lol: :lol:

This is the latest project;


GPX 600, paid £100 for it ... another oily rag restoration ...... :D

Not bad for a hundred quid.
My next one is an old MZ 250 - don't laugh :wink: Have got all the new parts I needed from a dealer in Hungary at about 1/4 the price here for example 6 quid for a new piston and rings.

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Re: Kissing Gates

Postby landsurfer » 11 Nov 2018, 10:26pm

Have ridden MZ's for 30 years ... 125, 150, 250, 300 .... i have manuals , special tools and a lot more if it will help you ... in one year i commuted 36K miles on my wonderful MZ300 ....
Passed my test on a MZ ....
MZ Riders club member for 20 years ....
Have rebuilt 16 wrecks into on the road bikes ...
If i can help in anyway get in touch.
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