The (ir)responsibily of the Media

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Re: The (ir)responsibily of the Media

Postby pete75 » 18 Nov 2018, 6:58pm

Cyril Haearn wrote:Where does this queer phrase come from:

'What's not to like/love'?

At a guess America.

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Re: The (ir)responsibily of the Media

Postby 661-Pete » 19 Nov 2018, 11:51am

Cugel wrote:I feel you need to get a better grasp of these taxonomies and nomenclatures so that you can differentiate those that are defined by voluntarily bad behaviour from those that refer to involuntary conditions such as sexual orientation or skin colour. They are not the same sort of names and they are not used to express the same sort of derision or disapproval.
I think you make your point excellently. I used the word "Ned" to show my contempt for this individual's voluntary bad behaviour - not because of his race, religion, sexuality or anything like that.
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