Parliament Transport Committee Active travel

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Parliament Transport Committee Active travel

Postby Wanlock Dod » 23 Jan 2019, 7:29pm

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Re: Parliament Transport Committee Active travel

Postby atlas_shrugged » 24 Jan 2019, 8:43am

There was a great question asked by Zeichner MP where he referred to 'new vehicles'.

The panel failed to grasp this question and kept referring to autonomous vehicles. Autonomous vehicles that take passengers at present are really heavy so may not be able to travel on Greenways and cycle paths (although there are delivery AVs on the MK Redways).

The missed opportunity was failure to mention ULVs, aerodynamic_vehicles, eScooters, solar_cars, fast_eBikes etc etc. We need to make sure our Greenways are future ready. Not all of these will fit into active travel but these modes of travel still need consideration for possible inclusion on our Greenways. The reason is that we need to segregate 10 - 30mph sustainable traffic from pedestrians and motor vehicles if these new technologies are to take off.