East Ridng rural village under threat

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Re: East Ridng rural village under threat

Postby brynpoeth » 8 Feb 2019, 5:34pm

Many people in prison should not be there, they need help more than punishment

Can you suggest a better place for it? Near a train station would be good, a brownfield site maybe
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Re: East Ridng rural village under threat

Postby Steady rider » 8 Feb 2019, 6:45pm

I agree with many needing help, some probably come out worse than when they went in.

Frances Crook:
Comment:The Howard League for Penal Reform is the oldest penal reform organisation in the
world. We work for less crime, safer communities and fewer people in prison. We object to the
proposal to expand the prison estate at at time when it is the stated position of ministers to reduce
the prison population and to curtail the use of short prison sentences. It is not necessary to
squander public money on building more prisons.
This prison is not needed. There are already 4,000 category C prison places in the area (Holme
House, Wealston, Lindholme and Humber prisons).
Building more prisons at a time when hospitals and local services are being cut is diverting scare
resources away from where they are most needed. Investment in community sentences and
community services would obviate the need for a prison.
Category C prisons are dangerous places. HM Chief Inspector of Prisons has found prisons to be
awash with drugs and violence.
The government recently built a huge Cat C prison in Wrexham which is causing problems for the
local area with an average of 13 ambulance call outs a month.
This prison would be a huge waste of public money, would fail victims of crime as the majority of
prisoners commit more crimes on release and would have a deleterious impact on the local

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Re: East Ridng rural village under threat

Postby landsurfer » 8 Feb 2019, 7:14pm

We could just lock the prisoners up in your spare rooms .... :)
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