East Ridng rural village under threat

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Re: East Ridng rural village under threat

Postby pwa » 24 Sep 2019, 12:08pm

Pete Owens wrote:Certainly if your aim is to positively discourage people travelling to work on foot or by cycle and encourage private car use - then using planning rules to ensure that any development is well served by motorways rather than cycle routes is the way to go. This is most certainly the way planners think - which is why NIMBY protesters latch on to such concerns.

Incidentally the very same point you made about the retail development last October:

Do you believe the staff, visitors and prisoners will be just from the local community? If so your point is valid. But usually prisons serve a wide region and draw staff from more than just the locality. I suggest that most arrivals each day will be from 10 or more miles away and will be by motor vehicle. Our local prison was put at a motorway junction for that reason.