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Recognise my Right of Way Yearling bottom Bere Regis

Posted: 30 Sep 2005, 8:36am
by gar
I thought at the time of the last bill in 1968 that it was a cyclists mountain from a mole hill.
I had never heard of a bicycle being considered anything other than a bridle upon oneself, making oneself work rather than the horse.

Nor had I ever heard anybody ever being prevented from using a bridleway because they were on a bike.
Some bills and laws are really only useful for the discussion that they provoke, and the Act merely a rubber stamp on the discussion. I suspect this Bill sub clause will have the same effect , but I am not suggesting for a moment that it should not be supported by all our letter writing campaigners. It should!

I do know however that Dorset CC have got their knickers in a twist from trying to turn a
bridleway path into a County Track which would allow vast numbers of cars thru to a very private horse farm well liked by the horsey people for its quietness.
The CC authority is unable to direct Cycling traffic down it (as the Purbeck cycleway) as it is not even a well recognised bridleway, so they applied for County Track; it would not be practicable to apply for permission to the National public authority for a Bridleway.
Thus they are compelled to apply for CARS AS WELL which is no answer
CARS in the application.
Thus the Purbeck Cycleway will not be approved or improved because the Inspector will not approve the obvious contradiction of allowing cars as well., ie the county track that the rights of Way dept has asked for.
It would do a great deal to improve the safety of the Cycle way if it were.

Re:Recognise my Right of Way Yearling bottom Bere Regis

Posted: 30 Sep 2005, 8:43am
by gar
The question of Yearling bottom and others rights of way like it is the whole point of the current bill before parliament which we are campaigning for

It will improve County Cycle ways immensely;
they are well used and the Bill should be supported vigorously by us all. Yearling bottom is just one example is Dorset, half a mile from my home. I don't believe the planning appeal has yet been decided, and if has not it would make a good model for the DEFRA minister, James Knight MP to examine, especially since it is in his constituency.

The arguments are obscure but if they are finely argued with a proper understanding of what is needed then safe Cycling in the counties will be improved... by the county authorities

Gareth Howell

Re:Recognise my Right of Way Yearling bottom Bere Regis

Posted: 30 Sep 2005, 2:15pm
by gar
I have sent this to the Minister presenting the bill, my own MP. Jim Knight at DEFRA