Danger at Dover


Danger at Dover

Postby Susanna » 30 Sep 2005, 11:24am

Yesterday morning I cycled to the docks at Dover, crossed the Channel via P&O, and returned in the evning. When I last did this (a few years ago) there was a "Red Line" for cyclists to follow from Arrivals Hall to the check in and embarkation, all on the level, with electronically managed gates through the fences and no need to go up long ramps among the lorries and cars.

Yesterday fragments of the line were still there, but we had to go up the ramps and the experience was stressful and unpleasant.

Returning in the dark was extremely dangerous. No red lines at all, just straight up onto the ramps and across the docks with lorries brushing past us in two lanes, not enough space for cyclists, no raised pavements on which to take refuge.

I have arrived at Dover from France many times in the past, with three children, and never had any worries as long as we were careful and alert.

Is there a campaign to improve this very dangerous situation? Does anyone else have any experience of using Dover docks with a bicycle?

Arriving at Calais was uncomfortable, with narrow ramps full of traffic, but embarking in the evening, though in the dark, was well and safely managed.