Should we stop using the word 'cyclists'?

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Re: Should we stop using the word 'cyclists'?

Postby reohn2 » 4 Jul 2019, 1:31pm

The rightwing gutter media has had a big influence in demonising cyclists by equating the word with some sort of sub-human entity and caused a lot of problems for cyclists as it gives some sort of legitimacy to outlawing an already minority out group as a result one can only guess how many people have been put off cycling by it's effects.
The following two examples may seem petty to some but is significant to me,on HIGNFY some time ago in an article about the growing popularity of cycling in London Ian Hyslop,goading Jacob Reece Mogg on the subject asked him if he cycled JRM replied "don't be ridiculous".That exchange and the remark "stupid way to travel" made by an older well heeled woman to me and a riding companion as we were riding,slowly and considerately I might add,across a supermarket carpark,to which I stopped and asked her what she meant by it,to which she answered "stupid",I wont repeat what I said in return but it left her in no doubt who I thought the stupid person was.
Such remarks along with encounters on the roads illustrates to me that there's element of people in the UK who think cycling to be "ridiculous" and therefore cyclists are "ridiculous" or "stupid"
I cycle therefore I am.