Andrew Gilligan PM's new adviser on Transport

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Andrew Gilligan PM's new adviser on Transport

Postby cotswolds » 26 Jul 2019, 5:00pm

Subject says it all.

Based on what they achieved in London together, about as good as it gets in the real world.

Richard Fairhurst
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Andrew Gilligan to be PM’s adviser on Transport

Postby Richard Fairhurst » 26 Jul 2019, 5:02pm

Just emerged on Twitter.

I’m no fan of Boris but this is excellent news. Gilligan was the guy who got the segregated Superhighways built in London. Last year his report was published on improving cycling in Oxford, Cambridge and Milton Keynes.

Now it looks like he could be advising on cycling policy for the whole UK. Very, very promising. - maps, journey-planner, route guides and city guides

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Re: Andrew Gilligan PM's new adviser on Transport

Postby pga » 31 Jul 2019, 10:20pm

I met Gilligan in Milton Keynes last year while he was working on his cycling report for the NIC on the Cambidge/MK/Oxford Arc. Later I saw him when he introduced his report at a very crowded public meeting in Oxford. I thought the Report was excellent but far too ambitious for our Labour council - what spend £25 million on resurfacing the Redway and what do we need a cycling csar for - we know what's best.

Apparently he has been brought in to look at HS2. I hope in time to throw it out. Why cannot politicians understand that the existing railways need a massive electrification programme to bring them all up to the same improved level. New high speed trains benefit only a few and are overspent and late.

Cycling projects yield for every £1 spent about £7 of benefits, HS2 is now lower than £2 of benefits and dropping daily. Of course, the proposed cycleway along the route was dropped months ago.