It’s time to ban bikes at peak times - tow paths

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Re: It’s time to ban bikes at peak times - tow paths

Postby mattheus » 27 Aug 2019, 12:34pm

mjr wrote:
Cugel wrote:Let city dwellers who want to use a car outside the city keep their car outside of the city, cycling or bussing to access it. That might solve a lot of the tin-litter problem of thoroughfares clogged up by pavement-parking cars, as well as the death, maiming and pollution issues.

Wouldn't that just create Radburn-estate-style problems on a much bigger scale? Including (but not only) cities ringed by disaster areas of parking wastelands where the more unruly children go to play among vandalised vehicles.

Venice manages ok!

I don't know about Radburn.

So I have less than 2 examples to base any theories on - but I do know that Park-n-Ride schemes have been successful in pretty much every decent-sized town that has them. So I'm leaning towards the idea that city-centre dwellers don't *need* a car parked outside.
(There are always taxis for emergencies and/or random awkward trips with sick/old relatives etc etc ... )

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Re: It’s time to ban bikes at peak times - tow paths

Postby Vorpal » 27 Aug 2019, 1:00pm

New housing developments in Denmark and the Netherlands, and to a lesser extent Sweden and Norway, have completely separate parking to the residential areas. Parking may be up to a kilometer away, and large motor vehicles are not allowed on roads in the housing estate or around the apartments, except for deliveries, disabled vehicle access, trades vehicles, moving vans, etc.

Returning to the main topic... How about we ban motor vehicle from nearby roads so cyclists can use them. Then they don't need to use tow paths.
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