More B*****y helmets


More B*****y helmets

Postby gar » 16 Oct 2005, 8:41pm

When you go white water rafting with any vigour you really do need a helmet. If you don't wear a helmet,you come bounding out of the rubber dinghy, hit your head on a rock, get stunned and there you are drowned dead meat, just from getting dazed.

On the road, you get stunned by going over the handlebars head first for whatever reason, and killed by the next car, which thinks you are plastic blowing in the wind.

There must be a mathematical difference in the way rocks come up and hit you.... and cars.

One of them is that you can hopefully still breathe after coming off your bike, even if you are knocked out, or unconscious.

Andy Tallis

Re:More B*****y helmets

Postby Andy Tallis » 16 Oct 2005, 9:17pm

One issue I do have is that if I'm riding on remote roads and come off (e.g. one of those daft sheep) I could be unconcious for some time before being found. Perhaps that's when a helmet's most useful on road (asuming they actually do any good.)