Escooter trial to start

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Re: Escooter trial to start

Postby mjr » 2 Aug 2020, 7:37pm

Navara wrote:Well...who'd have thought it would happen :roll: ... 54183.html

What's it say, please? Yahoo doesn't like me and just keeps demanding that I agree to stuff, repeatedly.
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Re: Escooter trial to start

Postby Grandad » 2 Aug 2020, 10:02pm

What's it say, please?

When the UK’s first ever e-scooter pilot scheme was launched in Middlesbrough last month, bosses told The Independent they hoped there would be 10,000 of the vehicles on UK roads by next summer.

That figure, it seems, may have been optimistic.

A second pilot launch in neighbouring northeast town Hartlepool has had to be abandoned amid widespread misuse of the first 50 hire vehicles in Middlesbrough.

Mounting complaints include two teenagers taking them for a spin down the 70mph A19 and underage users zipping through the northeast town’s three shopping malls.

A spokesperson the Dundas Shopping Centre, one of the malls, said there had been “near-misses” involving elderly customers.

A staff member at a second, the Cleveland Centre, told the website Teesside Live: “We have got specific signs up but the scooters come in and fly around all over – it’s crazy.”

Legislation permitting the vehicles – which can reach speeds of 12mph – was rushed through parliament by government ministers last month in an apparent bid to get more people off buses in an age of climate change and coronavirus.

Middlesbrough was chosen for the country’s first trial after Ben Houchen, the Conservative mayor of the Tees Valley, pushed to have the scheme piloted on his patch.

The aim was to start with 50 vehicles in Middlesbrough and Hartlepool before building up to as many as 1,000 across the entire area, which includes Redcar, Stockton-on-Tees and Darlington.

But after plans for Hartlepool’s launch were quietly dropped, the town’s MP Mike Hill labelled the vehicles as “useful as a chocolate fireguard”.

Speaking to The Independent, he said: “Using scooters to get people off buses as a way of beating either climate change or coronavirus is farcical. It is fiddling while Rome burns. Whatever the question, e-scooters in Hartlepool are not the answer.”

Ginger, the company behind the scheme, said it was still planning to introduce the vehicles into the town at some point in the future but could not give a date.

It refused to say why the initial 15 July launch date had been cancelled.

In a statement, Paul Hodgins, the company’s chief executive and a former Conservative council leader, said: “We’ve naturally evaluated the project since its very successful launch and made further modifications we believe will improve rider and community experience ahead of our planned roll-out to other areas.”

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Re: Escooter trial to start

Postby mattsccm » 3 Aug 2020, 7:31am

My thoughts, reading above.
If they would be covered, insurance wise, with household cover if legal I would bet that they would soon be excluded.
They are the perfect and natural toy for kids as so many have a real scooter. To expect responsible use is ridiculous at best.
I don't see many people moving from their cars. Weather proof they aint. Also effort needed and would be tiring for the average slob for more than a minute or two.
Expensive and thus awkward to store when away from home.
I see a small value in urban areas if they could take 95% of cars and taxis etc from the roads but that won't happen.

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Re: Escooter trial to start

Postby Barks » 3 Aug 2020, 10:57am

E scooters are an effective form of local transport and, in the main because they are new and different, are particularly attractive to those who want to be seen as ‘cutting edge’ and trendy’ and ‘attention seeking’. That shouldn’t detract from the clear practical opportunities that they offer particularly in towns and cities choked with traffic. But they come with an increased need for enforcement which, as seen in the trial town, is non-existent, and is also non existent for speeding drivers, parking abusers and a host of other anti social road activities, including by some cyclists, which the ‘I’ll do what I like brigade’ routinely seem to get away with. Problems with E Scooters are NOT caused by the machines, they are caused by people who have little or no respect for others and the only way they can be brought into line is the prospect of being caught and effectively punished. THe MPs and council leaders need to face up to this real problem and deal with it rather than try to score political points by being seen as pro or anti to the side issue.