Your help pls Bradford/Shipley

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Re: Your help pls Bradford/Shipley

Postby buryman » 25 Jun 2020, 8:19am

I remember Swan Arcade very well, a wonderful building which symbolised Bradford's premier position in the wool trade. Arndaleised in the early 60s.,_Bradford

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Re: Your help pls Bradford/Shipley

Postby Vorpal » 25 Jun 2020, 9:26am

arnsider wrote:The same sort of development has blighted other large UK towns.
Architecture and cheap finishes have got progressively worse and sixties developments now showing their age are being abandoned for brand new ones.
This has happened in Bristol with broadmead being neglected in favour of Cabot Circus.
I looked for a cafe in Kirkgate, Bradford and was pretty dismayed at how it was showing its age.
I took a stroll from my hotel on Bridge Street over to the Broadway center and sure enough, the pavement was lifted here and there and men were doing remedials to the block paviors. They just cannot get this block paving right and in every large town and UK city, cobbles have been riven up in favour of these crappy, fired earth offerings.
My old neighbour in Bristol was a Building services Engineer on Cabot Circus and he reckoned it was cheap and nasty.
Historically, Cityscapes were owner occupied, but now everywhere is owned by developers who just want a quick buck and to then move on.
That's why the chav population is forever Brain washed and groomed into weekend shopping.

Not just large ones. Braintree (pop. ~150,000) and Halstead (pop. ~12,000) in Essex are both market towns, but have lost shops, and shoppers to the Braintree Freeport outlet mall (on the edge of town, and easily accessible from the A120). In Braintree, the town is large enough that most of the shops that moved out have been replaced with a combination of small, independent shops and charity shops. But Halstead had some empty shop fronts, even before the COVID downturn.

Some other towns nearby might have suffered, as well, but they had shops or centres that were unique enough to continue to thrive. Coggeshall, for example, has a combination of antique shops and small independent shops. It might have struggled, but two National Trust sites, and a couple of decent restaurants also continue to attract people.

Braintree District Council recognised the problem and planned some development in the Brintree centre. Although I responded to planning proposals, asking for better cycling routes and additional (good) cycle parking, I moved away, and have no idea what happened with it.
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Re: Your help pls Bradford/Shipley

Postby arnsider » 26 Jun 2020, 12:48pm

A bit off topic, but out of town Malls like the Trafford center and Meadow Hall are in huge trouble as the value of the asset is being decimated by Covid 19 and the more creeping downturn in retailing. I for one won't be at all sorry. We have lost huge amounts of manufacturing industry while other european countries have retained theirs. Our appetite for junk has rendered us the debt capital of europe.
My old Geography teacher used to tell us that we must export or die! What, worthless bonds and I O U's?