Cycle scrappage

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Re: Cycle scrappage

Postby Cyril Haearn » 2 Nov 2020, 7:09pm

Old cycles can be cannibalised for useful parts, quite simple, even I can dismantle one, one might just discard worn tyres and cables
Scrapping cycles, cars, fridges or whatever just wastes resources and destroys value

Best thing would be to stop making motor vehicles, there are too many already
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Re: Cycle scrappage

Postby lescargo » 2 Nov 2020, 8:30pm

Cycle scrappage?

Can we go off on a related tangent?
I have, over the years, via this site recycled quite a lot of accumulated part worn spares from my 62 years as a club cyclist to members "et all".
Its pleasant to get someone back on the road with something you will probably never use again but too good (I'm a war baby, mend every
thing!) to throw away.
But in these wasteful days too much is needlessly thrown away!!
I have, previously on this site suggested a "salvage secretary" where we could register, for instance, from overhaul/refit parts - worn, time to
replace but still operating ok enough to get someone back on the road at minimum cost!!

Scrapped wheels?
Two years ago I snapped a spoke in 8 years old SHIMANO *105 back wheel.
Initially, no spares available -any where-St John St Cycles had spokes for front only-possibly shorten but not tried or have tool to "roll" new
thread on ,very hard ,stainless steel.
Local cycle mechanic got me two spokes.
What has happened to all those similar wheels with worn, cant risk these on tour, PBP, LEL etc, rims?
I know of two serviceable pairs thrown out after prudently replaced as suspect, pre PBP, because rims worn.
Could have got someone back on the road for the postage.
When above or other older *wheels fail I will make hubs, freehubs, spokes available for postage/low cost to members.
Flanges sometimes fail.
Salvage hubs for rear spindles - I've snapped two- hard to get plus save cones and bearing cups.
Serviceable Fr/rear mechs always needed , brifters also-I carried these plus D/tube levers and aero brake levers as spares on support for
PBP and LEL .

All it needs is a SALVAGE SECRETARY where, as we have gather used but still working spares at overhaul, we can register availability to site.

I do not have the skills to do this nor would I have wanted to start catalogue all my stuff in the garage 5 years ago -lots gone now though.

Looking at previous posts - recognise the useful work that Recyky'bike etc have done also individual CTC members but accept that CTC could
have set this up; proceeds to perhaps British heart foundation-*bikes and tuition available for post-op convalescents.
*I was myself previously involved local scheme via Age Concern/local hospital.

Matters Green --Less cars- more bikes this does actually come at a cost!!
In shutdown less cars more bikes- cycling fatalities doubled!!

Meanwhile lets have more cycle parts scrappage .
WE have the reason.
We have the means.
Lets have the result!!