CLANGERS and the cycling life

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CLANGERS and the cycling life

Postby David9694 » 18 Jul 2020, 9:56am

Below is a quote from the M.D. column in Private Eye - the context is Being resilient to post-COVID fatigue, but I felt the components of CLANGERS chimed with many aspects of cycling.

I’ve kept up the fight on the on-line comments on the letters pages especially re the cycle lanes - after a bruising encounter about hospital car parking charges, it’s made me thoughtful that compassion, i.e. caring what happens to someone else, is what connects us and that the car often makes us forget that. Moreover, If no-one cares about what happens to you, you don’t care about anyone else - that makes you in one sense pretty alone in the world. That starts to explain the tenor of a number of the pro-car / anti-cyclists comments. Maybe.

“The basic ingredients of health are well known, well-evidenced and fairly easily remembered using the mnemonic CLANGERS, as in: Connect; Learn ; (be) Active; Notice; Give back; Eat well; Relax; Sleep. Friendship and a feeling of belonging; an ability and curiosity to team and purposeful physical and mental activity; observation and appreciation of the environment; compassion for others; food that is both delicious and nutritious; an ability to switch off and relax and regular, restorative sleep - collectively these daily joys of health are more powerful than any drug. The privileged can do them every day, even in lockdown. If we all managed them, we would barely need the NHS. But if you're living with debt, discrimination, depression, domestic abuse, drug addiction, dementia, they are much harder to achieve.”