Taunton Cycle Lane

Pete Owens
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Taunton Cycle Lane

Postby Pete Owens » 22 Aug 2020, 8:39pm

Looks like someone in the council really doesn't like cyclists:

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Re: Taunton Cycle Lane

Postby rjb » 22 Aug 2020, 9:37pm

Your right and look at the mayhem it caused.
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Re: Taunton Cycle Lane

Postby mjr » 23 Aug 2020, 5:42pm

That's far from the worst infrastructure in Taunton, sadly. Cycleways made of porridge (compacted stone dust, they claim), confusing signs and narrow bridges curse the town, along with a lack of one way and no entry exceptions.

Some recent builds are better but Somerset CC refuse to acknowledge that the above example is dangerously narrow, or any other of their past mistakes. The relatively low levels of cycling in the town must really confuse them!

Unlike the photographer, I don't have a problem with blocks and it's better than the cobbles but it's not ideal. Redmac would be better.
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