Learner drivers


Learner drivers

Postby sportyman531 » 3 Nov 2005, 9:01am

I was talking to a driving instructor friend who is also a cyclist and he tells me that in general learners are being told that they must get past cyclists to keep the traffic flowing. This seems to be interpreted by an idiot minority as go past without slowing down or moving out. When I was learning to drive I was told to give cyclists enough room to fall off in then it wasn't your fault if they did! A generation of young motorists is being brought up learning to disregard the safety of vulnerable road users - us!! Particularly if they don't have experience of cycling on the road. Is the CTC in discussion with the DfT to get this teaching attitude changed?

Andy Tallis

Re:Learner drivers

Postby Andy Tallis » 3 Nov 2005, 6:02pm

I learnt to drive September 2003-March 2004 then did a pass plus course.
I had a very good qualified instructor, who was also EXTREMELY keen on making safe but good progress. He was also about the only other driver I've met who seems to acknowlege speed limits as the limit (except 80 was OK on a motorway.)
I can't remember any real advice given about cyclists or how to overtake them. I wasn't as keen on cycling as I am now so also didn't have vast experience on being the cyclist in any situation other than in town. He seemed fine with squeezing past smoothly withiout moving out of an (admittedly wide) lane on the ringroad. He aslo didn't react when I (somewhat wrongly I realised later) just left the cycle track for a cyclist (i.e. said track was far too narrow and I should have moved out more.)
I don't think he taught anything bad. But there is definitely a serious need for a proper effort to inform drivers of the needs of cyclists, our rights and how to treat us. My parents were horrified when I moved fully out into the oncoming traffic lane to pass a cyclist. The next car was miles away but according to them I was going to have a head on collision. Rubbish!
One of my friends instructors used the term BOB about cyclists to teach his pupils - B@stard On a Bike hence stay well away from them. Such people really should not be instructors.