Talking back


Talking back

Postby quietmole » 4 Nov 2005, 6:31pm

I got very cheesed off this afternoon after my millionth near miss, and wrote the following, which might have a small impact...

Dear Tesco

Please find below the text of a message I sent this afternoon to the local Police in Norfolk. I would like to point out that this is by no means an isolated incident nor, in fairness, is it limited to vehicles carrying the Tesco livery. It comes, however, at a time when as an individual I am no longer prepared to tolerate corporate indifference; and as a family we had considered moving away from the dependence on large store shopping - this has confirmed us in this shift.

As individuals we often feel powerless to register any complaint against bullying of whatever form from large organisations, but a swift enquiry to your data analysts will show that we have spent many thousands of pounds in your stores over the last decades, and at least we still have the choice to spend it elsewhere.

Text is as follows:

“I’d like to draw your attention to a single example from what is a growing trend in intimidating driving by some drivers, whether of HGV or other vehicles. I feel it particularly important to do so at a time when cyclists seem to be ever more frequently mown down on Norfolk roads in all conditions, and this only 2 days after attending the funeral of Zak Carr, the latest tragic victim of an inadequately controlled motor vehicle.

I was cycling south on the A1075 Watton to Thetford Road at just before 14.40 this afternoon (Friday 4th November) on a straight section of the road bypassing Great Hockham. The weather was clear and visibility excellent. I was wearing a fluorescent yellow cycling jacket and yellow helmet, with a 3 LED red flashing light on the rear of the bicycle, and it is inconceivable that I was not visible. I was riding approximately 2 feet from the nearside of the road. There was no oncoming traffic. A Tesco liveried articulated lorry passed by me with scant millimetres to spare on my right shoulder. The driver had clearly seen me, or he would not have made the very small movement across the road to avoid driving into the rear of the bicycle. However, his intention was clearly to ‘skim’ me in an intimidating, aggressive and dangerous fashion. This was not the regular near miss of the school run mother wastefully driving a 4x4, the dimensions of which are a mystery to her, but a trained HGV driver in full control of a large vehicle, which was being used in an aggressive fashion without provocation. A typical example of the Jeremy Clarkson fuelled stupidity that sees one group of road users treating another with contempt and aggression.

Unfortunately, I lacked the materials to record the license plate of the vehicle, but I am sure that the records kept by the company, to whom I shall write separately, will be able to identify the driver involved. I realise it will be exceedingly difficult for the Police to act in this matter, but I still consider it important to assert my rights as a road user (who also pays car tax) not to be threatened by others’ carelessness or bigotry, and would hope that the Force might consider a more pro-active role in raising driver awareness of the legitimate claim of cyclists to an equality of respect as road users.

Yours faithfully

Geoff Muller”

Andy Tallis

Re:Talking back

Postby Andy Tallis » 4 Nov 2005, 9:56pm

I hope it does some good. Very well worded (better than I could manage after being treated like that on the road.)

Good luck!


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Postby gar » 5 Nov 2005, 5:53am

I am consdering getting a Citizen's band radio and pretending to be a lorry driver to persuade them not to come past my home, which also used to have a pedestrian/cycling/riding route going past.

No longer...... for fear of the convoys of HGVs who cannot read maps or roadsigns to realise that they have come the wrong way. It LOOKS good to start off with and then thru the village and my house is extremely narrow.

If I had the CB going while I sit here doodling,
I could redirect them all along the shorter and correct route, which is not signposted because the military won't allow it.

I would probably then get some *untfeatures
signaller trying to block my talk back on the instructions of an *rse*ole colonel who only knows about *anks.


Re:Talking back

Postby TJ » 5 Nov 2005, 12:37pm

Letting Tesco know you won't be using their stores will probably be only thing that will be of any consequence to them.
Money being the driving force behind every decision they make.
Did you get a reply?


Re:Talking back

Postby quietmole » 5 Nov 2005, 4:39pm

Haven't heard a peep yet - from either Tesco or Plod


Re:Talking back

Postby Manc » 5 Nov 2005, 7:49pm

Good luck - maybe we could all chip in with letters demanding action/reply to you? Which Tesco did you write to?


Re:Talking back

Postby quietmole » 6 Nov 2005, 11:10pm

It was just a general salvo to the "" email. I have their standard "we will do our best to answer your query within 24 hours" response, but the hours are long past 24 now, and still ticking by...

I suppose making a Tesco middle manager ride a 24 would at least be instructive...


Re:Talking back

Postby Happiness » 7 Nov 2005, 12:03pm

you're on their cookie list now then.


Re:Talking back

Postby bikepacker » 7 Nov 2005, 4:03pm

As local RTR rep I have written to Tescos twice about inadequate and inconvenient cycle parking. As yet I have never had a reply.

Dick Dastardly

Re:Talking back

Postby Dick Dastardly » 7 Nov 2005, 5:22pm

Tesco have a bizarre policy relating to their transport it seems to me. The A9 between Perth and Inverness has a pretty bad record for accidents, being a mix of single/dual and now some stupid 3 lane sections. EVERY time I have driven it, both directions, I ALWAYS hit a big tailback of traffic with one of their lorries toodling along at 40mph, frustrating everyone behind them. It only seems to be this section of road that they travel so slowly on, and I wonder if it's some stupid short-sighted attempt at making people think they are a responsible company by keeping their speed down so as not to cause accidents. Given that everyone has to try and pass them the opposite effect is superbly achieved.
Looks like they have a cr*p customer service team( I was going to ask them what their views were but doubt if they'd respond) so it's Morrisons for me from now on...

Andy Tallis

Re:Talking back

Postby Andy Tallis » 7 Nov 2005, 5:27pm

Back in Salisbury my Tescos did provide very good cycle parking - the railing of the trolley park! Always space, under cover and largely out of harms way. Much better than the vile front wheel stands outside sainsbury's. Nowhere here in Bangor has ideal cycle parking, but it's pretty much a Morrisons monopoly.


Re:Talking back

Postby mike6 » 7 Nov 2005, 8:19pm

I had the same complaint as bikepacker, and also had no response from Tesco. They have discovered they can ignore customer complaints and still operate profitably.

Dick Dastardly

Re:Talking back

Postby Dick Dastardly » 7 Nov 2005, 9:35pm

Halfords suck too- their website conveniently has no way of emailing any complaints, which is probably most peoples way of communicating quickly and effectively these you just end up not bothering and their service gets worse while they think things are just hunky dory!


Re:Talking back

Postby ronh » 8 Nov 2005, 10:11am

It is becoming increasingly difficult to read rear reg. plates of vehicles who pass. Should not CTC press for larger digits to be used now that we have seven to remember? Of course, this does not solve the problem of those obscured by mud.
Why not carry a spray can and give the tyres a squirt as they pass you?


Re:Talking back

Postby TATANAB » 8 Nov 2005, 1:08pm

"EVERY time I have driven it, both directions, I ALWAYS hit a big tailback of traffic with one of their lorries toodling along at 40mph, frustrating everyone behind them".

Quote DickD

The highway code clearly shows that goods vehicles over 7.5 tonnes are limited to 40mph on single carraigeway roads and 50 on dual carraigeways. Surely you cannot complain because the driver obeys the law!