Motorcyclists in Bristol


Motorcyclists in Bristol

Postby mark1964 » 7 Nov 2005, 1:27pm

Are there any cyclists in Bristol, where motorbike riders are permitted to use bus lanes, who, like me, are becoming increasingly annoyed at the blatant law breaking by motorcyclists ?.
Sorry if I sound like I'm letting off a bit of steam here, but the average motorbike rider in Bristol seems to have no concept of road saftey or the law. Here are a few of the daily incidents I witness:

1) Racing each other in bus lanes over the speed limit.
2)Using pedestrian/cycle crossings (including zebra crossings) as short cuts between roads.
3) As above, riding along and over pavements, despite the No Entry signs, as short cuts.
4) Barging into the red cyclist box at junctions - it is now illegal to cross the advance stop line !.
5) Using cycle lanes as short cuts, having the cheek to wave cyclists out of their way !.
6) Having smaller-than-legal registration plates in the hope that speed cameras can't read them.

In Bristol, motorcyclists were allowed in bus lanes by the city council generally without consulting anyone else, including many bus drivers whom I've spoken to. It seems that since they are allowed in the bus lanes, they seem to mistakenly (and for most I suspect, deliberately) think that they can use all of the cycle facilities.

What are other people's thoughts on this ?.