Lambeth cycling consultations

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Lambeth cycling consultations

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Lambeth Council is trialling low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs). They have launched two consultations to find out what people think of the LTNs. Apparently the pollution lobby is mobilising its supporters to respond as negatively as possible to the consultations, to try to get the council to abandon them. So, if you have any connection at all to Lambeth, please respond to the consultations (they take 10-15 minutes each). The consultations close in about a month.

Oval to Stockwell LTN ... ghbourhood

Railton LTN ... ghbourhood

LTN reports ... ng-reports


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Re: Lambeth cycling consultations

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Cyclists and pedestrians are traffic too. :wink:
It's unfortunate traffic now seems to be used just for motor vehicle traffic.
Should be LMTN.
"It takes a genius to spot the obvious" - my old physics master.
I don't peddle bikes.
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