Bottom Bracket not Top Gear


Bottom Bracket not Top Gear

Postby gar » 22 Dec 2005, 4:36pm

It all needs to be pulled together...... then you have got a developing archive.

If one wanted to produce a series of programme about ALL aspects of cycling for public television. how would one set about it, acquiring the archive, creating an archive?

Do CTC members have any worthwhile cycling film ?

The various Tours might not be too difficult to acquire but are they already shown on private sporting channels that I do not watch?
I can watch the Tours for hours but they are not doing them so much on Euronews TV.
Is there a sport channel which does cycling in any detail?

I've got a name for the program in honour of
the transport campainging work of Tom Brake MP for Carshalton shadow LD Transport minister....... Bottom Bracket not Top Gear!

What's in a name?


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Postby Hilldodger » 23 Dec 2005, 11:47am

There isn't anywhere near enough decent footage of broadcast quality to make a tv series and the cost of producing it would be to great.

You'd be better off trying to get the York Films six part series re-shown but I doubt you'd get it on a mainstream channel.

I have access to quite a lot of non racing cycling footage and work with a production company making cycling films, but they'll never be shown anywhere other than cycling film festivals.

The best thing you can do is for EVERYONE to support these events and help raise funds for more films.

Both Leicester and Edinburgh have cycling film festivals next year.


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Postby gar » 24 Dec 2005, 10:22am

Is that digital film you have got Dodger?

Do you follow the developments of radio five live cycling video and sound (archive) done by Jill Douglas and Graham (skiiing) Bell.

Would your film go on there without to much hassle? They are doing 15 minutes clips of the tour of Britain on there at the moment but I cannot load it. Their systems are not adequate
unless I have to download the file to Media player and THEN play it.

What is more I cannot get full screen on this 16 inch monitor/desktop, and some of it is about 1/8th screen.

Douglas and Bell ski are doing their best though.


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Postby Spinneyhead » 8 Jan 2006, 7:48pm

It's definitely not broadcast quality, but here's a little piece of cycle related video journalism-

I'm going to do more and build up a catalogue of them



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Postby Spinneyhead » 8 Jan 2006, 7:49pm


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Postby nes » 16 Jan 2006, 12:24pm

im making a film about manchester critical mass! when its done i'll post it here.. x x x