DfT report on Infrastructure and Cycle Safety

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DfT report on Infrastructure and Cycle Safety

Postby pwward » 1 Dec 2011, 12:02pm

This has just been published by the Transport Research Laboratory.

http://www.trl.co.uk/online_store/repor ... safety.htm

It's one of the surviving strands of the culled Cycle Safety study announced in 2009.
They find good evidence supporting speed limit reduction, but no particularly convincing evidence for cycle paths and lanes, though the analysis is quite nuanced and qualified. Note it doesn't address the question of what infrastructure actually increases risk to cyclists.

Richard Mann
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Re: DfT report on Infrastructure and Cycle Safety

Postby Richard Mann » 2 Dec 2011, 10:28am

There's a couple of things they seem to have missed:

1) The point of the Coates phase 2 cycle lanes was that they were painted across side road junctions (unlike phase 1). This resolved the main safety issues and made cycle lanes neutral-to-positive (for safety). It should be noted that the cycle lanes studied were narrowish, and on 30mph 85%ile (or better) main roads. The results may not be applicable to higher-speed roads.

2) Soren Underlien Jensen's study of blue crossings in Copenhagen has since been elaborated (in a paper that is unfortunately in a pay-for journal), and indicates that painting 2 parallel lanes across 3-arm signalised junctions is neutral-to-positive (for safety). Note that Copenhagen has kept their 2-parallel and 4 cycle crossings on big 4-arm junctions (and some of them are right horrors), despite the safety issues.