Air travel Easyjet


Air travel Easyjet

Postby Mike » 7 May 2005, 11:53am

Easyjet no longer transport bikes that are not bagged/boxed.

I arrived at Belfast international at 0430 to be told, after standing in the queue for 30 minutes, that I would not be allowed to check my bike in. I have had no problem in the past. This is a change of policy without notice or advice in terms and conditions. Happy fly/cycling


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Postby CJ » 9 May 2005, 5:18pm

To be fair, this is in Easyjet's conditions (has been for more than a year) and those of most other airlines. So we've all got to get used to the idea that we'll generally have to bag or box a bike to fly it these days.

From a campaigning perspective there are a number of good reasons why it would be unreasonable for CTC to object to that:

1: Maybe yours isn't, but bikes are generally oily and dirty. We try to avoid getting that oil onto our own panniers, so it's a bit unreasonable to expect other people's suitcases to take their chances of acquiring a dab of it during the airport baggage melee!

2: We must also consider the finer feelings of airport baggage handlers.

3: Most cyclists protect their bikes somehow already when flying, so it's perceived as a normal and reasonable thing to do.

It behoves CTC to nevertheless ensure that the form of covering required is not unduly expensive or awkward for a cyclists to carry to and from the airport, and that it is readily available.

Most (if not all) carriers accept a simple bag of heavy-duty polythene, indeed BA originated the practice by providing such bags free to any cyclist checking in with them (still available at Gatwick I believe). To help cyclists travelling with other airlines and from other airports, CTC has sourced a supply of similar bags which are available from the Shop: (A href="" target=_blank>product CT224</A>. These bags cost only £4 (£3.60 to members) weigh under 1kg and can be rolled up small enough easily to carry, to leave at your first night's stop for later collection – or to post to your destination if undertaking a one-way trip.


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Postby CJ » 10 May 2005, 8:30am


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Postby pwward » 11 May 2005, 10:29pm

I travelled Newcastle to Malaga on Easyjet with my bike in a heavy duty clear plastic bag from SJS cycles. It was accepted without any questions at Newcastle and duly arrived before me in the bagage reclaim area. Wonderful!

On the way back the Easyjet check in desk in Malaga told me it was not in a 'proper' bag and charged Euro 20 extra as it had to have special handling...which they were unable to elaborate on.

I have since bought a 'proper' bike bag.

A V Lowe

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Postby A V Lowe » 29 Jul 2005, 12:05am

Easyjet do not employ the ground handling agents at every airport, and a number of dud locations have been identified - and hopefully retrained. There is a part number for the old BA poly sack, and it should be possible to label up the CTC sourced bag to say that it is an IATA or ICAO approved means of carrying bikes by air.