Thank you to the Mayor of Fareham

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Thank you to the Mayor of Fareham

Postby Cunobelin » 18 Jul 2007, 8:06pm

In Fareham there is a stretch of dual carriageway with two dangerous roundabouts. There have been fatalities.

So it is nice of Fareham Council to provide a nice alternative off road cycle track to allow cyclists to avoid this. The BAth Lane recreation Ground is a valuable facility.


The Mayor of Fareham parks his official car right across the entrance making it unuseable during the rush hour!

Thanks for supporting the cyclist in your Borough!Image


Postby mhara » 18 Jul 2007, 8:59pm

Does he have an email address?

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Postby PW » 18 Jul 2007, 9:18pm

Force the bike past. If the pedals catch the car paintwork that's the mayor's problem! :wink:
If at first you don't succeed - cheat!!


Postby AlbionLass » 18 Jul 2007, 9:21pm

PW wrote:Force the bike past. If the pedals catch the car paintwork that's the mayor's problem! :wink:

I was thinking the same thing but didn't like to say. :oops:

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Postby meic » 19 Jul 2007, 12:22am

He doesnt pay for the repairs. The council tax payer (YOU) does.


Postby mhara » 19 Jul 2007, 6:31am

Or drop in to your local newspaper offices and show a friendly journo the photos. Bet they'd love to publish them.

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Mayor of Fareham

Postby jim_wks » 20 Jul 2007, 10:40am

I asked the mayor for a comment, she's a friend of mine; but sanybody could have done so. Here it is. I'm a RTR rep for Fareham, hence my involvement.
"Jim Week has sent me a copy of the web site with 'photo's taken of the Mayor's Car at Bath Lane on Wednesday evening.

What you haven't added is that the Chauffeur explained that the car was about to be moved and that it had been there less than 5 minutes.
We believe you were on a recumbent bicycle which is wider than the average bike. An ordinary bike would have been able to get past.
Also I don't believe many cyclists safely negotiate that particular slope from Bath Lane Park without dismounting ,as it is so steep . I certainly do not. I regularly cycle around the ward and was instrumental in getting the new crossing on the A27 slip way near Deanes Park Road.

I was standing on the path in front of the Cricket Pavilion as you whizzed past. I did smile and say good evening, but you ignored me, as did some other cyclists, but not all. You could have taken the chance there and then to complain about the parking of the car if you were concerned. That pathway is for pedestrians as well as cyclists, but a number of cyclist flew by that evening with apparent disregard for the people standing around. Of course they might have been confident in their own skill, but I nearly banged into one as I turned around as there was no warning of approach.
That path is for pedestrians and cyclists and there were several young and adult cricketers around at the time.

I am a great supporter of cycling but also receive a lot of complaints about cyclists on pavements whizzing by with no warning.

Obviously I am sorry that you were inconvenienced by the Mayoral Car and apologise for the brief time it was there, but I do think you missed an opportunity to talk to me directly about the problem. So if the car was likely to have been there for any length of time, which it wasn't, you could have ensured that it was speedily removed by tackling me at the time. Instead of which you ignored me and have taken the opportinity to give misleading information on a National Website.
Obviously you have shown the photographic evidence that the car was there, but have not given the additional information that you did not take the opportunity to complain to the Mayor and get anything done about it, or that it was there for less than 5 minutes.I cannot help feeling that if you were so concerned you could and should have taken that opportunity to talk to me instead of whizzing past. I was very obvious dressed in bright pink and wearing the Mayoral Chain.

Yours sincerely,
Katrina Trott"

Anybody got any comments, perhaps it wasn't the man on the recumbent.

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Mick F
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Postby Mick F » 20 Jul 2007, 11:06am

Just some observations:

a. The entrance doesn't look steep to me.
b. The car was stopped at a double yellow line. Illegal, no matter how short a time.
c. The car was stopped blocking a footway/cycleway. Illegal, no matter how short a time.
d. An 'ordinary bike' is not necessarily being ridden by an ordinary person, so may not necessarily be able to get past.
e. Wheelchairs and the disabled should not be obstructed - ever.
f. Why did the driver chose to be JUST there? It looks like a complete disregard to anybody except car drivers.
g. Perhaps Cunobelin should have spoken to the driver. But sometimes it doesn't do to confront.
Mick F. Cornwall

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Postby PW » 20 Jul 2007, 11:08am

Agreed. That reply is typical selfish motorist.
If at first you don't succeed - cheat!!


Postby mhara » 20 Jul 2007, 11:38am

I'm with you MickF and PW.
What a rambling attempt at self-justification. Best advice to her might be "When you're in a hole, stop digging."

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Postby manybikes » 20 Jul 2007, 4:14pm

I passed this on to Jim as RTR rep. I was concerned about the advice given earlier in the thread to cause unnecessary danage - not appropriate for this forum.
To MickF - My recollection of this entrance is that it is quite steep - the camera doesn't always show everything - but my recollection may be wrong.
I don't disagree with most of what MickF says and also feel aggrieved when motorists have wronged me. However please remember that the Mayor has had the decency to apologise and respond - more than some would.


Postby mhara » 20 Jul 2007, 4:49pm

Call that an apology? And yes, I did see the actual word occur once in amongst all the retaliatory complaints about cyclist behaviour.

If I was you Cunobelin I'd still take the photos to the local paper - only now I'd include the lame attempt at an apology. Maybe the Fareham commiment to cycling "To ensure that all residents have the realistic option of making any trip within the Borough by bike." should have a get-out clause... "except whenever the Mayor is wearing bright pink and her mayoral chain and wishes momentarily to impede access to cycle paths."


Postby AlbionLass » 20 Jul 2007, 5:10pm

The appology (so called) does come across as a little patronizing to me. The comments 'I regularly cycle' 'supporter of cycling' contrasted with the comments about cyclists behaviour put me in mind of racist/homophobic people who try to defend themselves saying 'I have lots of black/gay friends.'

I'm not suggesting this incident is in that category but the comparison was the first thing that came to mind upon reading the Mayor's missive.

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Postby horizon » 20 Jul 2007, 6:27pm

Just imagine a motorist waiting five minutes, getting out of their car to speak to someone so that they can move forward and pushing their car round a corner to avoid a deliberate obstruction. The next time Cunobelin, put your bike across the road, wear a bright pink dress and tell the queueing motorists that you will move to allow them through in five minutes' time. I would give you thirty seconds before an ambulance was necessary.

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Postby keepontriking » 20 Jul 2007, 9:40pm



I have been watching this thread with interest.

Putting the negative parts of the Mayor's reply to one side, I would like to pick up on one aspect - that the Mayor has shown an 'interest' in cycling. She has recognised the need for cyclists to take care when around pedestrians; she has commented on riding skills on steep inclines; she says she is a "supporter of cycling" and she has said she rides a bike.
Perhaps something positive can come out of this with winners all around.

The Mayor clearly thinks some cyclists are not as well-trained or as responsible towards others as they might be.

Perhaps she might like to:

a) join a short accompanied ride to look at some of the various problems in Fareham that cyclists encounter;
b) take a sample cycle training session to show cyclists can improve their roadcraft skills;
c) take up a pro-cycle training position and act as a local figurehead to commence a local training programme.

All these would have positive benefits for all parties and there would also be good publicity opportunities as well as the chance to show a care and concern for promoting greater health, supporting more friendly transport, and improving safety for all.

I would be willing to assist with this and to visit Fareham (and the Mayor) to discuss the idea at a mutually agreeable time.

Perhaps the RTR rep above may like to contact me?

What do you think?


Accredited National Standard Instructor
Hampshire Cycle Training
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