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ebay petition

Posted: 7 Feb 2013, 7:49pm
by squeaker

Re: ebay petition

Posted: 7 Feb 2013, 9:40pm
by gaz
In this case I really don't think so.

IMO the vast majority of second-hand bikes sales on ebay or anywhere else are legitimate. Do people really need the hassle of tracking down a frame number on their kids BSO? Many of them have trouble telling the size of the frame and wheels, the brand and model, or even putting the forks on the right way around.

What would the inclusion of a frame number achieve? It would not be beyond the capabilities of the criminal classes to make up a number just to fill in the box on the listing.

Very few manufacturers keep a database of frame numbers and their corresponding owners. Not everyone who has legitimately bought either a new or a second-hand bike will have registered their purchase with those manufacturers who do keep records (e.g. Brompton).

Even if a manufacturer that keeps excellent records were to collaborate with ebay (DPA issues aside), evasion may be as simple as a listing title of "Brampton" or "British made folding bike".

I've no time for bike thieves but this idea's going nowhere.