London/Brighton Ride


London/Brighton Ride

Postby Barogerl » 18 Jun 2005, 9:07pm

Would it not be possible for the CTC tp ask the Treasury who are responsible for paying rail companies subsidies to deduct the relevant amount these companies are deliberately turning away. They are subsidised to provide a publi service, if they don't then penalise them


Re:London/Brighton Ride

Postby gar » 20 Jun 2005, 6:10am

It takes some thinking about that cyclists
and railway users are both generally in the
lower income brackets. You may vehemently object to that remark but if there is any truth
in it at all, then it is extremely foolish to exclude
cyclists from trains per se.

If there is a "Grand cycle ride London/Brighton"
that you are refering to, then are one or two old trains not available on request for large numbers of cycles to use on a given day? Organisers might have to pay THAT bill but spread out over all the cycle user train users on the day, it might not amount to much. Virgin coffer takes about 30 bikes, possibly more.

Cycle coach operators give a better service..and
are becoming more common. It would be a good business to go in to, even locally in the UK.