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Re: London - Hyde Park Cycling

Posted: 27 Nov 2014, 7:53pm
by LondonBikeCommuter
james01 wrote:
[XAP]Bob wrote:a 10-12mph speed limit away from the main roads through the park (i.e. jogging speed),...
Hmmm, some jogger. 12 mph equates to a world-class marathon time around 2hrs 10min :shock:

Good points though. I too have Borissed through the park recently. My main memory is of the number of tourists on Boris bikes and of the number of near-misses I saw.

I can run a 10k (6.2 miles) at 12mph.

Re: London - Hyde Park Cycling

Posted: 27 Nov 2014, 8:27pm
by SteveHunter
LondonBikeCommuter wrote:I can run a 10k (6.2 miles) at 12mph.

That is a fast pace though, which most amateur runners couldn't even hope of achieving.

The World Record 10k pace is 14mph

Re: London - Hyde Park Cycling

Posted: 27 Nov 2014, 8:38pm
by LondonBikeCommuter
10k @ 12mph is 31minutes 5 seconds. Current WR is 26 minutes 17 seconds. Trust me thats a HUGE gap both physically and mentally. I suspect that if a person puts there mind to it the former is doable.

Re: London - Hyde Park Cycling

Posted: 28 Nov 2014, 3:05pm
by AlaninWales
mjr wrote:Richmond Park is a bit different, festooned with stupidity like this:
At least it's obvious there that the park creepers hate cycles and apply speed limits to them.

Hah! Richmond Park - probably before those signs I used to have a couple of commuting routes that went through it, back in the '90s. Was once pulled over by parks police whilst cycling uphill - for "wobbling". On asking how much I was "wobbling" was told "About a foot. It stopped me being able to overtake you". In those days the HC used to say that cyclists may be unable to maintain a straight line ... I pulled out my copy (opened already at the relevant page) but was told "I don't care what the Highway Code says, if you get in my way like that again I'll nick you". :twisted:
TBH it doesn't sound like the attitude of Parks Police has changed much.