Cycling 'safety' adverts

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Cycling 'safety' adverts

Postby orangebiker » 30 Mar 2015, 11:53am

Heard on Smooth radio last night several adverts presumably aimed at cyclists. They were played repeatedly between the other ads - very short clips, with no indication of what organisation was funding them.

The first: (Spoken in a very strident tone) 'Cyclists - give yourself a chance - wear a helmet. Otherwise YOU HAVE NO CHANCE' followed by crashing noise

The second: 'Cyclists - wear hi vis and lights - otherwise YOU BECOME INVISIBLE' followed by screeching of brakes and crashing noise

I felt these adverts will probably just encourage victim blaming and bad driving, and make cycling appear very dangerous - quite apart from the fact that helmets are of unproven benefit anyway.

Also I found the ads pretty offensive and ridiculous!

Misguided or actually malicious?

Has anyone else heard these? Is there any point complaining?

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Re: Cycling 'safety' adverts

Postby D363 » 30 Mar 2015, 12:18pm

Not heard them but think it is worth complaining - there can be a fine line between adverts and lies but a cyclist - or anybody else - without hi viz is not invisible. It's basically dishonest to make this claim. Any ideas who made the ads?