helmets worn at The Tour de France


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Postby Pinky » 6 Aug 2005, 5:19pm

I will post this elswhere , but I do get fed up with not being able to do a quuick spell check on this very old message board!

So I apologise for typos and errorrrrrrrs(!) on my last past. (sic!)

With all the money that is being spent on lobbying useless causes by CTC it might be a good idea to bring its websites up to a normal standard. If the whole site was modernised to a state of the art standard it might achieve an increase in "touring Cyclists" as members or at least a larger input from its existing members.
The existing message boards are just far too limited and 10 years out of date.

i even have to be careful to copy this long post because I know that my logging on will have already have time out!!!!

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Re:helmets worn at The Tour de France

Postby handallyingharry » 7 Aug 2005, 9:53am