Motorists' visibility mark II

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Re: Motorists' visibility mark II

Postby Bmblbzzz » 13 Jun 2019, 12:16pm

Tangled Metal wrote:Also trains travel a lot faster and with the prevalence of dangerous, unmanned level crossings back then I suspect the hi viz on train fronts was to make trains visible in poor light from further out and perhaps give better distance identification to help crossing users cross me safely. Plus your not going to see the train but ignore it like drivers do with cyclists at times.

It was partly for level crossing users but mainly for track workers. Now trains use permanent headlights and the yellow fronts are frequently reduced in size.

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Re: Motorists' visibility mark II

Postby tykeboy2003 » 14 Jun 2019, 6:50am

661-Pete wrote:The idea probably came from this:
I remember a guy who worked on the Bluebell Railway telling me some years ago, they would love to install one of these, but they didn't have the space or the planning permission. A lot of their locos had to run back-to-front half the time, because there was nowhere to turn them round. I don't know if this is still the case.

Running tender-first (or bunker first for tank engines) is the only way that the preserved railways can operate. I'm pretty sure that none of them have operational turntables or triangular junctions at both ends of the line.

Lovely picture by the way, where was it taken?