Cycle-friendly tourist sites

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Cycle-friendly tourist sites

Postby Jon » 8 Oct 2004, 10:54am

Inspired by the posting on cycle security on tour, I was wondering what experience people have had regarding the cycle friendlyness, or otherwise, of particular tourist sites?

I was quite impressed with the National Trust's provision at Sutton-Hoo in Suffolk this summer. Decent cycle stands just outside the door to the visitor centre and not hidden behind a shed somwhere, and free lockers for bags and kit (just a £1 deposit for the key). But this is a fairly new centre only a year or two old, so I don't know what other sites may be like. However the NT do apparently have a cycle-friendly policy (available on-line at ... s_peop.htm), so maybe things will improve at other sites.

Does the CTC have a register of cycle-friendly tourist sites? If not would it be worth starting one?