100 mile a day commute?

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Re: 100 mile a day commute?

Postby thelawnet » 10 Jan 2017, 1:50pm

horizon wrote:
[XAP]Bob wrote:50 miles each way is a long way - the train is clearly the 'least bad' option, and if combined with a bike can actually be very pleasant, but in the UK they are frighteningly expensive compared with the direct costs of private motor transport.

The train fare for the OP's journey is £54.00 peak return. That's about 50p per mile. The HMRC tax allowed rate for motor vehicle mileage is 45p per mile so not far off. If the OP travelled off-peak arriving at work at 10.00 am, his train fare would be £33.30. He could work on the train and take calls etc and cycle part of it, as already suggested. If his work is reasonably flexible and well paid then I don't see the problem. If it isn't, then a 50 mile commute is mad whatever the mode of travel. Working from home one day a week would also start to transform matters. It's been well reported how the intransigence of employers makes coping with modern work much harder - the technology is all there.

Well you can do (much) better than that.

First of all a weekly season works out at £24.12/day. And monthly and annual seasons closer to £20/day.

Less than £5,000 a year, although I'd be more concerned about the ~four-hour commute. Being on the 'wrong' line is IMO a big issue, the unfortunate thing is the right line (the Portsmouth - Guildford) line is quite far away. Southampton - Petersfield is close to 30 miles.

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Re: 100 mile a day commute?

Postby thirdcrank » 10 Jan 2017, 5:12pm

It seems long rides into work by bike get you in the spotlight


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Re: 100 mile a day commute?

Postby brynpoeth » 7 Nov 2017, 1:44pm

karlt wrote:
thirdcrank wrote:IME, even the eventual sub 20 miles each way is more than a no brainer. This isn't simply a matter of how far/ fast you can ride a bike: they are relatively minor factors; it's more about the time involved on the same route day after day. Particularly in winter, when rain seems to multiply the punctures and salt grinds away at everything else, there's also quite a commitment to maintenance and a bit like feeding the horses before you do anything else, unless you sort everything for your bike immediately, you'll end up forgetting it till it's time to wheel it out.

It's almost 20 years since I retired but until I did so I was a keen and regular commuter by bike. There's loads to be said for it, not least the way that after the first few pedal turns on the way home, the cares of the day disappear but there's a limit. I'm not so daft as to say that 20 miles each way daily is impossible, just that it's not a no-brainer. From the few people I know who have tried something like that long-term, rather than just for a week or two, it becomes to be less about cycling and more a search for ways to get round it eg sleeping overnight at a friend's house, making an exception and catching a train, which becomes less of an exception and more the rule.

This in absolute spades. Mine is 14 miles each way, relatively hilly (can't do less than 600' ascent inwards, 800' homewards). Especially during the winter I tend to take the train for most of it, leaving a total of 10 miles to ride at each end of each train. The full 30 takes a toll. You wake up not wanting to do it. You don't get out at the weekends for leisure rides because you're sick of the sight of the thing. Sick of the same roads over and over again. Rotten choice of the same bloody roads or a more interesting route that might be over 1000' of climbing over the same distance or more.

The irony. I got into cycling again to do this commute, and it's the thing most likely to make me give up.

As regards the proposed 100 mile a day commute? Stark staring bonkers, unless you're some kind of super-athlete, frankly.

Not bonkers at all :%)

We should be working fewer hours, if someone cycles 100m each way to work he can work for 30 minutes, then start for home
Those who have a shorter journey could work longer, like me, I once had three minutes walk from home to work (not a tied cottage!)
Cycling? Of course, but it is far better on a Gillott.. Alternative facts welcome

De Sisti
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Re: 100 mile a day commute?

Postby De Sisti » 8 Nov 2017, 4:49pm

I wonder if he did manage his endeavour?

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Re: 100 mile a day commute?

Postby brynpoeth » 22 Mar 2018, 6:16am

AaronR wrote:The nays have it :)

Going to try the 50/50 or thereabouts option, drive 25-30 and cycle the rest, or almost the same but a little less flexible is perhaps cycle to Winchester and get the train to Farnborough, thereby reducing the cost element of the train

Once again, thanks for all the responses, its always good to be able to draw on the varied experiences of everyone on here

Are you living your dream as planned? Did you have snow? What will you do in summer?
Cycling? Of course, but it is far better on a Gillott.. Alternative facts welcome