ASL Danger

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ASL Danger

Postby gerry » 13 Oct 2004, 6:34pm

I always thought ASL's were too good to be true- today I found how dangerous they can be. The lights wer red, there were several vehicles waiting. I used the cycle lane to get towards the front, and just as I got alongside the front vehicle, which was not showing a flashing indicator on either side, the lights changed and the front vehicle turned left very quickly. A very near miss ensued.

This happen to anyone else?

Pedalling Pete

Re:ASL Danger

Postby Pedalling Pete » 14 Oct 2004, 6:22am

My local council remove that risk; they allow the traffic to remove most of the ASL markings by wear and tear, so very few motorists bother to stop behind the lines anyway. At least you are under no illusions re your safety!
Slightly off subject, Oxfordshire County Council have provided cyclists in Banbury with a cycle lane up to lights but without any ASL. Problem is that the cycle lane runs inside the traffic lane dedicated for motor vehicles turning left. You have no illusions there - as ALL traffic outside the cyclist will be turning left. Just goes to show the brainpower required to be a professional highways engineer!


Re:ASL Danger

Postby PhilipB » 14 Oct 2004, 7:13am

Sure, it is a real risk with ASL's, and when I approach one I am always looking to see whether the lights are about to change. However, as Pedelling Pete suggests the alternatives may be worse. A cycle lane to the lights, but no ASL is murderous. No cycle lane may leave you to fight it out through the exhaust fumes to the lights.

Personally, I'm all for ASL's, but like everything else on the road you have to use them with an awareness of the potential risks.


Re:ASL Danger

Postby nigel » 28 Oct 2004, 10:31am

See 'cycle lanes' topic for much more on a similar subject. ASL's are just as dangerous as all other road markings intended to benefit cyclists; use them at your peril.

John S

Re:ASL Danger

Postby John S » 28 Oct 2004, 2:40pm

I spotted this flaw with ASLs shortly after I first came across them.

I make a point of not using them (or their lead-in cycle lanes) unless I can be sure the lights will stay red for long enough to get to the front of the queue.

To do this, I have to know the sequence of the traffic lights - so I only use them on route that I know if there's any serious motor traffic about.

And when I do use them, I make sure I'm smack-bang in the middle of the traffic lane behind the ASL, to make sure some idiot doesn't try to drive past when the lights change,


Re:ASL Danger

Postby troywinters » 1 Dec 2004, 2:45pm

when I read the title of this thread I was thinking what danger about age sex location, presumable on the members chat. I worked it out though and yes I've had to brake for vehicles turning without even indicating across an asl, timings the key but have to dodge as well all the potholes and ironwork.


Re:ASL Danger

Postby Elucasr » 17 Dec 2004, 7:37am

It would a great advantage for new people using this site, if you were to use plain English, and at least at the beginning of your post put anything you refer to later by initials in FULL.

What the hell are ASL's???


Re:ASL Danger

Postby Jon » 17 Dec 2004, 8:53am

ASL = Advanced Stop Line. At traffic lights. As described in rules 55 and 154 of the Highway Code.