November touring holiday - suggestions?

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November touring holiday - suggestions?

Postby PhilipB » 14 Oct 2004, 7:16am

Now there is the weather. Dark and very wet as I look out of the window. And there is my annual leave card, with some time due to be taken. And there is the project I am working on which will allow no significant time off between mid- November and June. So where can I go for a week's cycling in early November? Suggestions please (and not the other side of the world, as I only have a week).


Re:November touring holiday - suggestions?

Postby avalanche » 16 Oct 2004, 9:44pm

Hah, I am doing something similar (13th - 21st Nov). I am not put off by the weather (being in Scotland there has barely been a week that it hasn't rained). Starting from Edinburgh my plan is to either go down the east coast on a loosely defined route, for 8 days, and catch the train back on the 9th day. Or to go down some fairly well-defined route for 4 days, and ditto on the return leg.

I can't suggest a route for you. But for a week trip you can do a nice circuit, or you can base yourself somewhere interesting and do satellite trips out from there, or do a there-and-back trip. If you haven't been to the Scottish Borders then I can thoroughly recommend that frequently overlooked area for a week long hol. Plenty of B&Bs, plenty of day trip rides, and a wonderful 250 mile Borders Loop ride too.

Good luck!


Pedalling Pete

Re:November touring holiday - suggestions?

Postby Pedalling Pete » 18 Oct 2004, 7:10am

Too late for your trip, but I always enjoy a November trip to the Gent 6-day race in Belgium. Book into Dover Youth Hostel on Wed. 24th, catch NorfolkLine ferry to Dunkirk on Thur. Ride to Diksmuide for overnight B&B. Then to Gent to book into hotel in time to get to track for Friday night racing. Book in advance at "Freetime" on 003292337788. Saturday Christmas shopping in town before more racing. Sunday sightseeing (inside more bars?), before final session. Pedal back Monday & Tuesday. My guess is that one third of Gent audience are Brits, so great atmosphere, and even better if you go as a group.


Re:November touring holiday - suggestions?

Postby nigel » 18 Oct 2004, 1:10pm

Have a look at the 'British Cycle Quest' (on the CTC website under 'competitions'). 402 destinations to head for in the British Isles. A good basis for planning a tour of any length/duration.