Bike stolen and retrieved - extraordinary day!

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Re: Bike stolen and retrieved - extraordinary day!

Postby mjr » 11 Dec 2017, 3:45pm

mercalia wrote:I think some train companies have the dont lock policy maybe east coast virgin or chiltern or east anglia ( as they are the only other ones I have used and seem to remember seeing a dont lock information)

Virgin East Coast do indeed say don't lock: ... ey/cycles/

Currently nothing similar on Virgin West Coast or Anglia ... -on-trains or Chiltern ... -your-bike - in my experience, you'd struggle to find much to lock to on Chiltern local services - or Southern ... ing-a-bike

On Great Northern or Thameslink, I don't see a problem with locking to the long low rail outside the disabled toilet (it doesn't obstruct the access on the new layouts) or in a bike space, but if you have to put it in a door area, the train crew will probably tell you off for blocking an emergency exit. I'd use a quick cable lock on it unless explicitly told not to and ideally keep an eye on it at stations too.
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