Manchester: Wilmslow Road / Oxford Road "Go Dutch" Infrastructure?

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Manchester: Wilmslow Road / Oxford Road "Go Dutch" Infrastructure?

Postby GeorgeWagstaff » 7 May 2018, 5:49pm

Cyclists of Manchester. What are your thoughts regarding the Oxford/Wilmslow Rd cycle lane? ... l-10120326

I use it everyday, and while I have noticed a larger increase in ridership, predominately from students, I don't think its perfect. For example the curry mile part is tricky, as many residents do not understand the concept that cycle lanes are for bikes and subsequently you will often have to deal with full families walking down the lanes. Cars pulling out without considering cyclists is another issue.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Manchester: Wilmslow Road / Oxford Road "Go Dutch" Infrastructure?

Postby MikeF » 7 May 2018, 9:43pm

It's a very long time since I've been to Manchester, but I looked at the animated fly through. Parts appear fine, but there are some strange oddities. There are ASLs but how do cyclists turn right when motor traffic is moving? Shouldn't there be traffic lights for cyclists instead of ASLs? There are also "funny" paint jobs. The Dutch took a long time to learn, but surely we should learn from their experience?
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Re: Manchester: Wilmslow Road / Oxford Road "Go Dutch" Infrastructure?

Postby xerxes » 11 May 2018, 8:46pm

I feel safer staying on the road. The separate cycle lane is a bit like 'running the gauntlet'.

Pete Owens
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Re: Manchester: Wilmslow Road / Oxford Road "Go Dutch" Infrastructure?

Postby Pete Owens » 12 May 2018, 1:44am

Particularly at the Oxford Road end near the city centre where most of the motor traffic is prohibited and there is a 20mph speed limit:

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Re: Manchester: Wilmslow Road / Oxford Road "Go Dutch" Infrastructure?

Postby RickH » 12 May 2018, 6:50pm

I rode that way a few weeks ago, headed into the city from the Fallowfield Loop Line. I'd been one way down it to Chorlton & thought I would check it out rather than simply retracing my steps.

I've been used to riding the roads of Central Manchester for quite a few years (starting as a student there in the late 70s/early 80s) & whilst not as fit as I was back then can still manage a good turn of speed on the flat. My individual preference with that in mind tends towards sticking to the road. Having said that, if you ride at a slightly slower pace (which I did) I found what has been put in to be generally good. There were a few pedestrians wandering across the path but I encounter worse occasionally when on the road.

In places the cycle path, which has proper kerb separation from the pavents, bypasses pelican crossings with a mini zebra crossing for the cycle path. There is a separate cycle traffic light phase at at least one of the traffic light controlled junctions. From near Whitworth Park North towards the city centre there are still cycle lanes, but not kerb separated. Here, though, there is much less traffic as it is restricted to buses, taxis & permit holders (with enforcement).

If you prefer to "push on" then you are probably better on the road. You'll have to decide if you want to mix it with the cars on the Curry Mile, slow the pace a little & use the cycle path or choose a different route.

On the whole for people using their bikes as simply a means to get around I reckon what they've done is quite good in general.