Touring in Germany from a base

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Touring in Germany from a base

Postby GRAHAM » 17 Oct 2004, 6:52pm

Next summer I am thinking of touring in Germany from a base where I intend to stay for 14 days. I would prefer somewhere to the south of the country where the weather should be better. Could anyone suggest anywhere or pass any details or information. Thanks.


Re:Touring in Germany from a base

Postby avalanche » 25 Oct 2004, 9:36pm

Er... don't know. But, er... if you are looking for companions then I am interested. If you aren't then forgive me for going off-topic. However if you could accommodate another person then respond here in the affirmative and I'll leave contact details with the CTC.



Re:Touring in Germany from a base

Postby MarkW » 28 Oct 2004, 11:51am

Hi! I've toured in southern Germany for the past two years and I can thoroughly recommend the area. Most people just don't realise what a fabulous cycling destination it is.

But to suggest a fixed centre base for two weeks is more difficult. It's going to be hard to ring the changes each day or... are you planning on doing some other activity on some days? This could be a factor in making your decision. Also, do you have an aversion to hills?

My two tours have included both flat and hilly cycling, the flat being along rivers and the hilly involving both the Black Forest and the Bavarian Alps, so I can advise on both.

If you're a member of CTC, you could also ask one of the excellent German Touring Correspondents that we have for a second opinion. That's what they're there for!

When you post your reply, I'll get the maps out!




Re:Touring in Germany from a base

Postby gary » 10 Nov 2004, 7:40pm

hi you have to take in mittenwald and neuchtwanstien where the chitty chitty bang bang castle is. I cycled from garmish to seefeld in austria over the alps and it was stunning didnt take too long i was back in time to watch the fa cup final in the irsh pub in garmish.


Re:Touring in Germany from a base

Postby Tony » 14 Nov 2004, 11:31am

The Romantic Road is a well known tour, through old towns and finishing near Fussen, by the famous "Mad Ludwig" castles. According to the route guide, a bus service that takes bikes runs from Munich to the midpoint of the route. I know it's not a fixed site, but it should give you some ideas. If interested I can post details of the guidebook.


Re:Touring in Germany from a base

Postby GRAHAM » 1 Dec 2004, 6:36pm

Thanks for all the suggestions it has been a great help, although it now looks as if we're off to France this year, I'll bear in mind all your information for a future visit to Germany, thanks again to all.