Collision car-bike - I need some advice!

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Re: Collision car-bike - I need some advice!

Postby gazza_d » 9 Sep 2018, 8:51am

If you have not reported it yet to the police, do so today. Report the collision and the failure to give full details and insurance details.
No more chances for the driver, just report. Request the insurance details

Have you got registration number and vehicle description at least? If so, website will let you get the details for a small fee.

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Re: Collision car-bike - I need some advice!

Postby robb_man » 12 Sep 2018, 11:52am

Hi all,

Thank you so much for your help. Since I last updated you on this, I have spoken to a solicitor and was told that there is nothing they can do as I wasn't injured as a result of the accident. They suggested me to speak to a Citizens Advice Bureau and I have tried to do that, but the waiting lists are too long to actually be able to get CCTV footage by this weekend.

I have also contacted the police again telling them that the driver was not willing to let me know his licence plate number and/or insurance number, but again they told me there is nothing they can do about it.

Lastly, I spoke on the phone to the driver yesterday (after contacting the company he works for and asking them to tell him to phone me). I was more assertive than usual and eventually came to the deal that he will reimburse me £100 out of the £135 that I was asking for. I am not 100% happy with the outcome of our conversation, but given how things are, I don't think I can get anything better than this at this stage. If we had things through his insurance and I hadn't tried to do him a favour, I would have got more money than this, I imagine. So I guess the lesson I learnt from this is that in case of an accident with someone, it is important to be nice, but also to be cautious and take all of the other person's details!

Thank you guys for all your support,