Temporary traffic lights - inadequate time for passage

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Re: Temporary traffic lights - inadequate time for passage

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If the problem with the temporary lights is the sensors rather than timing, it's worth reporting, because a sensor that doesn't detect now, won't detect in its next use either. In fact, timing is also worth reporting; eventually they might get the message.
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Re: Temporary traffic lights - inadequate time for passage

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thirdcrank wrote:By definition, temporary traffic lights are temporary so by the time any problems have been reported they are history.

Permanent installations are quite different and IMO, should be reported. This is particularly so with detectors that do not detect cyclists. At a busy junction, this may only be apparent at quieter times because motor traffic will arrive and the lights will change and it's unrealistic to expect them to deal with something of which they are unaware.

Temporary lights often have a phone number to report faults, and as this will go straight to whoever is responsible for the lights, you may well get a better response than with a local authority.

I agree, in theory, that faults with permanent lights should be reported. If no one reports faults, then how will the local authority know that there is a problem to fix?

In practice, I am no longer willing to waste time, effort, or energy in reporting faults to Hampshire County Council. HCC (or the local police) seem to consider it acceptable to make cyclists to go through red lights. I have one exception: the junction of Beggarwood Lane with the A30 in Basingstoke. Yet again these lights are failing to detect cyclists. But this time, if you stop on the loop, then you also block any traffic behind.
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Re: Temporary traffic lights - inadequate time for passage

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The trouble is as far as the highway authorities are concerned the insufficient timing issue (as apposed to the failure to detect issue) is not a fault. It is what the design standards insist on.

See correspondence here re the lights I mentioned:
I had quite a long but frustrating telephone conversation with a Halton traffic engineer whose only response was "but that is what it says in the manual". ("computer says no")

So I started reporting near misses - until he CTC told me to stop.
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Re: Temporary traffic lights - inadequate time for passage

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CTC told you to stop? I should have continued reporting!
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