Friendly people /Christmas Spirit?

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John Holiday
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Friendly people /Christmas Spirit?

Postby John Holiday » 9 Dec 2018, 1:11pm

Was out on the bike earlier, helping to marshall a charity Santa Dash.
As we finished, it began to rain heavily & a kind lady in one the nearby houses brought out a hot cup of tea. Then one of the Police Women also helping with the road closures offered me a lift in her Police Van to save me from a soaking!
Even the diverted motorists were in good humour.
Must be Christmas spirit!

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Re: Friendly people /Christmas Spirit?

Postby roberts8 » 9 Dec 2018, 1:47pm

Today there was an mtb,running event an the end of our single track road in the local hall. Very cheery marshals and thanks from competitors when people held back to let them through so you maybe right about festive spirit. I will go out over the next few days and test the theory.

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Re: Friendly people /Christmas Spirit?

Postby pedalsheep » 9 Dec 2018, 4:18pm

It was our club Xmas dinner ride today. 11 of us with bikes ( including 1 tandem) decked out in tinsel and fairy lights, Santa hats, Xmas jumpers. Did we get so much as a smile from the motorists we pulled in for? No not one. Never seen such a miserable looking lot! Festive spirit obviously hasn't reached these parts yet.
'Why cycling for joy is not the most popular pastime on earth is still a mystery to me.'
Frank J Urry, Salute to Cycling, 1956.

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Re: Friendly people /Christmas Spirit?

Postby Mistik-ka » 9 Dec 2018, 4:25pm

pedalsheep wrote:Did we get so much as a smile from the motorists we pulled in for? No not one. Never seen such a miserable looking lot!

Of course they look grumpy — the poor dears are trapped inside motor vehicles while you're out having fun. :wink:

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Re: Friendly people /Christmas Spirit?

Postby Si » 9 Dec 2018, 4:55pm

Reminds me of a couple of weeks ago - I was stood in the cold over the road from a Mosque waiting for some trainees to turn up to learn to ride in the car park over the road and a very nice lady came out of the mosque and tried feed to give me breakfast and tea :-) There are some nice people left!

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Re: Friendly people /Christmas Spirit?

Postby gaz » 10 Dec 2018, 10:24pm

Usual drivers, driving in the usual way. Distracting roadside light shows over more and more houses. Six month closure on my usual route necessitating an extra mile or two on roads round the town centre and industrial estate.

Bah, humbug.

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Re: Friendly people /Christmas Spirit?

Postby gbnz » 11 Dec 2018, 11:45am

gaz wrote:Usual drivers, driving in the usual way.

Have to admit to having walked further than I've cycled during the last twelve days (*12 days of Christmas?). Some 80+ miles to date

And as reported on another thread, I've already been reported to the police as a "dangerous" pedestrian by a motorist. And on Saturday took the direct, busier two mile route home, it having been dark for an hour and I'd done 15+ miles - had several motorists approaching me, swerve towards me, 1-2 others put the headlights on full beam on seeing me. Though perhaps 20-30 pulled over towards the otehr side of the road, giving me a bit of space.

And it's so disappointing. Haven't directly witnessed a crash for ages :(