Kath's Cafe aka Riber View cafe

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Kath's Cafe aka Riber View cafe

Postby foxyrider » 8 Jan 2019, 6:20pm

Just a heads up for anyone riding in mid Derbyshire, the popular Kath's Cafe above Tansley is currently closed but will re-open on February 1st.

For those that don't know, Kath has had some health issues and whilst she opened for a couple of weeks in the run up to Xmas access to (the road regularly is closed with ice and snow) and custom in January is a bit thin so it makes more sense to have a few extra weeks recovery time.

Of course the nursery cafe along the road is open but if you don't want to take out a mortgage you can be at Cromford/Matlock in a few minutes where there are loads of cycling friendly cafes to suit all pockets!
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