PoB undertakes, threatens violence

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Re: PoB undertakes, offers violence

Postby The utility cyclist » 16 Jan 2019, 4:45pm

brynpoeth wrote:Avoiding the door zone, I am 1.5m from the vehicle at least, plenty of room for a PoB to undertake :(

i don't really measure so I'm thinking I might be about 4 feet from side of a door, depends sometimes on what's ahead as I may want to take a wider line anyway if there's a significantly wider vehicle or bend that I'd like to open up to see so i might well be near the centre line.

Haven't had a rider undertake me though had a few squeezing on the inside at lights when you're already there. A few honks of the horn and overtly aggressive engine revving is fairly frequent when passing parked vehicles or just generally riding.

One gave me a mouthful recently and then when I carried on he shot ahead then reversed back in an agressive manner to give it some more, my crime, overtaking a Luton box van! I just gave him a few verbals back and went on my way. Unlucky for him he lived down the bottom of my street (I didn't know it until that moment) so as I pulled in at top of the street I saw his car parking up ... wasn't so mouthy when I approached him and his missus. He giving it 'middle of the road', 'I've got it on my camera', great I said, let's call the police and review your aggressive driving and threatening behaviour shall we :twisted:
Amazing how these people have the time to slow down, stop, reverse back and then give you grief over 'holding them up' :roll:
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Re: PoB undertakes, threatens violence

Postby brynpoeth » 16 Jan 2019, 8:17pm

Stopping, reversing to have a 'talk', they are Mental As Anything :? Best and easiest to ignore them, say nothing

I am quite hot on avoiding the door zone, one can not see whether a small person is in the driving seat :(
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