Recommended cycle route from Hendon to Old Street (London, UK)?

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Recommended cycle route from Hendon to Old Street (London, UK)?

Postby Highkicker79 » 28 Jan 2019, 9:50am

I'm a cycle commuter in London, my company is moving from Piccadilly Circus to Old Street and I'm trying to work out a suitable cycle route for the new location.

I ride relatively quickly but I am quite cautious. I would rather add 5 minutes to my journey than to take a quicker route that puts me through a dangerous junction or road.

My current route is from:
Cycle route.JPG

(not the actual postcodes I use but they're close enough)

I go along the A5 because it's one big straight road that is relatively fast and there is a restricted bus lane in both directions that provides a nice buffer for cyclists during peak commute hours. I find I can cover the 10 mile journey in about 40 to 45 minutes.

Now that my office is moving to Old Street, I was looking at new cycle routes. Some of the suggested routes by Google Maps take me on entirely new routes which I'm not keen on:
i.e. there's one route that takes me along the A1 which from what I'm aware is a very busy road with no bus lane buffer. I would be extremely concerned using this road.

Another route takes me along A502, Hampstead Heath, A5202 and A501. This seems like a very slow route (willing to try but doesn't appeal from what what I know).

Another route I could take would be to use the same A5 road as I do now, and then get to Old Street using the roads shown here:
Cycle route 2.JPG

I thought about using the A5 along with a route along Regent's Canal but wasn't sure if that was cyclable for commuting.

What are people's thoughts? Are there any other routes that would be usable?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Recommended cycle route from Hendon to Old Street (London, UK)?

Postby mjr » 28 Jan 2019, 10:02am

Google maps is poor. Try or for better suggestions.

Without looking on those, I'd be inclined to choose between the start of your current route, then left onto George Street (I think) and follow the old Seven Stations Link (LCN Route 0 IIRC - avoids New Oxford Street and the horrible Holborn gyratory) to near Old Street, or head east early on if there's a half decent route to join CS1 south to Old St. I wouldn't try commuting on Regents Canal because it's pretty slow going due to width restrictions and congestion.
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