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Re: Cats

Postby fastpedaller » 30 Jan 2019, 10:10am

Bmblbzzz wrote:Rabbits exhibit similar behaviour. In fact most prey species will run in some sort of zig-zag in order to shake off the threat. Unfortunately what works to escape a dog or similar actively chasing them tends to fail with something that's trying to avoid them.

That makes a lot of sense. Maybe they aren't so daft after all! Hares seem to run and run and run..... No zig-zagging, but they must rely on outrunning the prey. When they take off over a field they are out of sight, and have probably run 1/2 mile!

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Re: Cats

Postby Pastychomper » 30 Jan 2019, 10:11am

Funnily enough I found myself driving a car behind a hare a couple of years ago. I hung well back thinking it might dive into a verge if I kept the "pressure" off, but it held a straight path down the middle of the road for maybe quarter of a mile then turned off - down the middle of a side road. Afterwards I wished I'd checked my speedo.
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Re: Cats

Postby Bmblbzzz » 30 Jan 2019, 10:37am

I've twice raced a hare. Once on a road, once on a (decent quality) farm track. The score is Hares 2 - Bmblbzzz 0.