Lancashire's most dangerous roads for cyclists

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Re: Lancashire's most dangerous roads for cyclists

Postby irc » 22 Apr 2019, 6:33pm

Even the A6 looks pretty safe to me. Which is just as well as I'll be cycling a good chunk in May/June.

The A6 is the most dangerous route for cyclists in Lancashire, a new study has revealed.Official police data shows there were 83 incidents on the road between 2015 and 2017 in which a cyclist was seriously or slightly hurt. Twenty-two of those involved serious injuries.

So, an average of around 7 serious injuries a year? For a road that crosses most of the county.

For comparison there were two cyclists killed in separate crashes 4 months apart in 2016 on a 1 mile stretch of the A82 Clydebank. I cycled this section today as part of a regular circuit. It's the only place on a 28 mile circuit where I choose to ride on the footway for safety. ... -scotland/ ... t-38364433