Cambridge - 2 left hooks in 2 days

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Re: Cambridge - 2 left hooks in 2 days

Postby atlas_shrugged » 22 Mar 2019, 9:00pm


I think this is the point of Default Presumed liability. It avoids blame and massive legal expense. This is a good thing because the money can then go to the person that is usually the victim. In the current system the money goes to the lawyers. Rewarding people e.g. lawyers who are not victims is a bad idea.

The second advantage of presumed liability is that because of the possibility of a massive insurance hike drivers end up being very careful around pedestrians and cyclists. I saw this for myself when I was cycling in Normandy. The difference in driver attitude between French and UK drivers around cyclists was astonishing. I had also visited France years before and careful driving was definitely not the case then. Default liability forces drivers to be careful.

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Re: Cambridge - 2 left hooks in 2 days

Postby Barks » 23 Mar 2019, 9:01am

Do away with all cycle lanes and make it quite plain to car bus and lorry drivers that cyclists are to ride in the centre of the appropriate lane for their direction at the junction. You might have to accept that filtering is not allowed though.