No Its Not A Mobile Phone!!!

Commuting, Day rides, Audax, Incidents, etc.
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Re: No Its Not A Mobile Phone!!!

Postby Mick F » 25 Apr 2019, 8:55am

I kid you not.
Stand near a road junction at commute time, and you'll see it all.
I'd like to see surveillance cameras and NPR at junctions to record it all.
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Re: No Its Not A Mobile Phone!!!

Postby Postboxer » 25 Apr 2019, 10:26am

You can accidentally drift over the speed limit. You can't accidentally use your phone, put on make up, eat cornflakes, shave, do the crossword, read the paper etc etc, the penalties should be harsher, immediate bans, more enforcement. Speeding should be 6 points and always a ban when 12 is reached. Such little enforcement it seems you would have to really try to rack up 12 points.