Cycle Rant 1

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Cycle Rant 1

Postby carlislemike » 9 Jun 2019, 7:47pm

Rant time.

I live and cycle regularly in London and I am usually very dismissive of friends who cycle on pavements or who cross roads using pedestrian crossings having dismounted and waited in a patient line. We are entitled to ride as part of traffic so do what a cyclist does best, ride the roads and carry on. . Similarly, I usually dismount when there are signs e.g. Entering certain pedestrian areas etc., telling me, politely to dismount.

Well it all blew up today; at the junction of Blackheath Hill and and Greenwich High Road, where there is a Travelodge, there were work crews who had disabled the traffic lights to enable their road works. However, their temporary traffic lights weren’t working. Traffic coming downhill at a pace, despite their lane being the one being repaired. Traffic from all other three directions was stymied. Pedestrians were isolated on the traffic islands etc. I asked the crews what was wrong; I might as well have spoken to a concrete wall: either, “not our problem, “or “so what?”

I am fed up of roads being repaired, streets closed for developments and no alternative signage, and obviously local councils or highway authorities don’t give a <SNIP>.

So, somewhat annoyed, I crossed on foot, defying traffic and rode on. I did avoid riding through Greenwich Foot Tunnel unlike many fellow riders but after that, I ignored the, “Cyclist Dismount,” signs, “ No Entry except Buses / Taxis,’ signs and a few more of the petty signages along my routes through central London and back through Bermondsey to Lewisham. astonishing should we respect signage when we ourselves are not respected. I still won’t cycle on pavements however, I leave that to the modern form of chicken on two wheels!