Why do drivers think this acceptable?

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Re: Why do drivers think this acceptable?

Postby rob_wales » 14 Jul 2019, 8:19pm

hemo wrote:Probably against your instinct and not bird like, you should have given them the finger back. You never know it might have surprised them.

That really isn't a good idea. People who drive like that have a problem. They could be drunk, on illegal drugs, have a mental health problem etc. On top of that the chances are they are mentally weak, have some sort of personality disorder, have a sense of grievance or social injustice, are stupid with a low IQ , a lack of rationality, be poorly educated, and God knows what else. They could (and some have) just get out of the car and physically hurt you, even put you in hospital. Better to say and do nothing and take comfort that you are a superior being. :D